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Tater Tots is a deep fried snack made of mashed potato mixed with some seasoning usually served as snack or appetizer. It has got its name because of its small tots like shape also is served to kid and popular among them. Tater is another name of potato used in America.

Tater tots is an invention of an Oregon based company’s founder made out of the idea to use the leftover potato strips. The product has become a big hit in the snack industry because of its taste and its shape. It is also known by different names in many countries as Tasti Taters, potato royals, potato gems, etc.

These potato or tater tots can be easily made at home with very simple and readily available ingredients in our kitchen. These are very crispy and savory in taste which is enjoyed by everyone. It is a very handy food item which can be served as snacks, appetizer, Tiffin box, and also can be brought on picnics.

Tater tots are made using mashed potato as the base ingredients and some easily available spices; it does not contain heavy and strong spices. No need to buy frozen snacks once you learn to make it fresh at your home with very basic ingredients.

Potato is full of starch gives energy and fills our tummy fast also popular and loved by young ones. Tater tots can be baked instead of deep frying if you are watching on your calorie intake. Let us have a look at this crispy and always loved the dish. Keep serving & bring a smile!

Ingredients :
Boiled Potatoes 2 Large (Ubale Hua Aloo)
All Purpose Flour (Maida) 2 Tbsp
Granulated Garlic (Lehsun Ki Powder) 1 Tbsp
Black Pepper Powder (Kali Mirch Powder) 1 Tsp
Dried Parsley 1 Tsp
Red Chili Powder (Lal Mirch Powder) – 1 Tsp (Optional)
Salt To Taste
Oil For frying (Any Preferred Oil)

Let Us Have A Look At The Step To Step Recipe Of Crispy Tater Tots: 

  1. Take two boiled large potato and grate it in a bowl; you will get the mashed potatoes without any moisture in it.
  2. Add two tbsp of all-purpose flour, one tbsp of granulated ginger, one tsp of black pepper powder, one tbsp of dried parsley, one tsp of red chili powder (optional), and salt to taste.
  3. Mix well all the ingredients with the help of hand; makes the tots out of the mixture.
  4. Place a frying pan on the stove and add some cooking oil (any frying oil) for deep frying the tots and let it get hot.
  5. Add the tots in the oil and deep fry it on medium-high flame until it turns golden brown on both sides.
  6. Crispy, savory Tater Tots are ready to serve with some tomato sauce, green chutney or cheese dip as snack or appetizer. Bon Appétit!



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