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What are Cumin Seeds by foodstopper

What are Cumin Seeds? | Amazing Benefits Of Cumin Seeds

A Short Introduction Of Cumin Seeds - Cumin is a seed of a fruit which grows on a plant known as Cuminum cyminum. The fruit contains the cumin seed which is separated by drying the...
What is Cardamom by foodstopper

What is Cardamom? | Amazing Benefits Of Cardamom

Why the name Cardamom? Name cardamom has obtained from the Latin word ‘cardamomum.' The scientific name Elettaria came from its original local Indian Sanskrit name ‘Ela.' It has many names like Valdosta, Velchi, Elakkai, Elakkay...
What is Basil by foodstopper

What is Basil? | Amazing Benefits of Basil

Let Us Know About Basil Plant Basil plant belongs to the mint family known as Lamiaceae family. Some types of basil are annual and perennial grown in Mediterranean region. Basil plant is assumed as...
What is Saffron by foodstopper

What is Saffron? | Amazing Benefits Of Saffron

Saffron, Scientific Name – Crocus sativus – A Floral Spice Saffrons are the style and stigma (reproducing parts of the flower) collected from the flower of Crocus sativus which is a type of C. cartwrightianus....