Desert Recipes

Desert Recipes

Sweet lovers always wait for the last course of the meal to grab a scoop of dessert. The word – ‘Dessert’ came from the French word ‘Desservir’ which means ‘to clear the table’ – the dish which is served after clearing all plates from the serving table. Other words for dessert are ‘Pudding' which is primly used in the United Kingdom; word ‘Sweets' is used in some Asian countries  Cakes, Pies, Pastries, Cookies, Ice-cream, custards, tarts are some of the sweet recipes which are served at the end of the meal as desserts. South Asian sweet recipes like Kheer, Sheer Khurma, Halwa, Laddoo, Rabadi, Mithai, Jalebi are also gaining attention from food lovers globally. Fruits- because of its sweetness are placed in the category of desserts.    Ancient Indians and Maya people were observed to offer sweets to gods out of respect and love. In Ancient times sweets were restricted to dried fruits and honey till sugar didn't invent by Indians. Indians invented sugar in 600 BCE from sugarcane juice. The shape and sweetness of sugar crystals lured the world and many European countries, and China started trade of sugarcane and readymade sugar with India.  After the invention of sugar, a dessert revolution occurred all over the world giving many new varieties of desserts. Still, in medieval period sugar was the food which only riches could offer that too on festive occasions. But later with the Industrial revolution sugar came under the reaches of common masses.  The invention of refrigeration in the 1920s brought another range of non-bake desserts like ice-cream sandwich, Chocolate pots with a crunch of dry fruits, Peanut Butter Chocolate cookies, cheesecakes, ice-cream cakes and many more.     Now a day's people are getting health conscious and watching diets for any extra calories. But again we have found the new low-calorie technique to sweeten the tooth with the artificial sweeteners.   In my recipes, I have used brown sugar or white refined sugar depending upon the requirement of the recipe. The difference between the brown sugar and white sugar in the presence of nutrients. Brown sugar contains more molasses and nutrients than the refined white sugar. Brown sugar is more likely good for health. But for the delicate and white recipes like cakes and pastries, it is good to use clear white sugar.  I have covered desserts of all types from all cuisines like cakes, puddings, pastries, and Indian sweets and puddings. Some sweets are very easy and quick to make as well as so delicious. Always it is good to serve homemade, healthy and hygienic dessert to our loved ones with the convenience of sugar use.         

Sooji halwa recipe at foodstopper

Sooji Halwa Recipe | Sweet Recipes | Easy Dessert Recipes

Sooji Halwa recipe or Semolina Pudding is a well-liked recipe in South Asian countries made using semolina as the main ingredient in clarified butter...
no-bake Strawberry Cheese Cake by foodstopper

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No-Bake White Chocolate Strawberry Cheese Cake | Cake Recipes | Cheesecake Recipes -White Chocolate Strawberry Cheese Cake is made without baking; anybody can make...
Orange pudding recipe on foodstopper

Orange Pudding Recipe | Orange Kheer | Indian Desert

Orange Pudding Recipe | Orange Kheer | Indian Desert - Orange Pudding is a speedy and easy to make dessert recipe. With very few...
Makhane Ki Kheer indian desserts

Makhane Ki Kheer | Lotus Seeds Pudding | Indian Desserts

Makhane ki Kheer or Lotus Seeds Pudding is served as dessert in the Indian subcontinent. Makhane ki Kheer is made when there is some...
Dates Ladoo Recipe on foodstopper

Dates Ladoo Healthy Recipe | Khajoor Ladoo Sugar Free Recipe

Dates Ladoo is a healthy dessert recipe. It is a sugarfree recipe and very healthy for diabetic people. This recipe can be made with...
Rice Kheer Recipe is an indian dessert

Rice Kheer Recipe | Rice Pudding | Indian Sweets

Rice Kheer Recipe | Rice Pudding | Indian Sweets - Kheer is one of the most popular and famous Indian delicacies. In the southern...

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